About Us

GEOstone supplies an extensive range of natural stone materials indigenous to the Indonesian archipelago and beyond.

We have been actively supporting home/commercial builders, contractors, architects and designers for more than 20 years. We enjoy a close working relationship with all our clients, assisting in product knowledge support, scheduling deliveries, shipping and material specification.

With one of the largest production facilities in Central Java, we are well equipped to engage in projects of all sizes. Providing you the quality and accuracy demanded by today’s industry, we commit ourselves to delivering your orders within a rigid schedule at a competitive price. Our dedication and service set us clearly apart from our competitors.

Our primary products feature tiles, slabs, columns, friezes, plinths, mosaics and pave stones. We cater to specific design requirements and are able to work off architectural drawings. We also produce various landscaping elements (garden stone seats, water fountains, obelisks, planters, troughs, ornamental sculptures, sinks and bath tubs for interiors).

We hope the following presentation will give you a better insight of our products and services. Our production facilities are sited in Central Java with a marketing office in Bali Indonesia.

Do get in touch with us if you require further assistance or would like a tour of our production facilities. We’d love to hear from you and look forward to working with you on your next project.